Worship Arts

Ministry Leader: Mitch Marczewski

The heart of the Worship Arts ministry is to gather artistically and technically-minded believers, who are active and growing in the VGF community, in order that we might humbly serve the church through the leading of worship in a variety of settings; using a variety of mediums. 

To worship is to adore and revere someone or something with our thoughts, words, and actions. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says that we can worship God by eating and drinking to His glory; with thankfulness for His provision. Romans 12:1 says that dedicating our bodies to the Lord, as self-controlled, vessels of holiness, is, in fact, our spiritual worship. Lastly, Psalm 51:17 states that worship, at its core, is simply a broken and contrite heart - a heart that is submissive to the Holy Spirit and the Truth of Christ. 

As a church, we believe that every element of our weekend services should be viewed as worship. Whether we're singing songs, giving offerings, listening attentively to the Word of God being preached, remembering the Good News of Jesus through communion, serving as an usher, or instructing our children in righteousness in a classroom - we worship God in all that we do. For this reason, we refer to our ministry of music and media as Creative Arts, not Worship Arts. And it is our hope that, in doing so, we help to facilitate the idea that worship is not solely musical, but rather, any and all ministry activity that is done in adoration and reverence of Jesus - this is worship.

Join In

We are always looking for artistically and technically-minded volunteers to serve in the Worship Arts ministry. Depending on the position, an interview and/or an audition will be necessary before participation. Prospective volunteers MUST be actively engaged in VGF community prior to participating in this ministry, via: community group, bible study, church mentorship, etc. Examples of volunteer positions within this ministry are: singers, musicians, computer operators (video screens), lighting operators, and sound operators. Some positions require no subject knowledge and/or experience, while some positions require considerable subject knowledge and/or experience.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about the Creative Arts team, please fill out the form bellow and a ministry leader will get back to you shortly. 

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