Our Church Council

The second office or position mentioned in the pastoral epistles is that of the deacon, which is simply translated as “servant.” The qualifications listed in Scripture for deacons don’t include any particular gifting or ability, only a standard of character and spiritual integrity. The term deacon itself leads us to conclude that they are the ones who, under the elders/overseers/pastors, carry out practical ministerial and administrative duties in the church.

At VGF, our council members are deacons that provide administrative and practical support and direction. The Council oversees the individual ministries and works with the Elders in implementing the vision of Christ for His Bride here in Licking County. The council is responsible for The Policy Governance Manual of VGF. The policy was modeled from Policy Governance®, an integrated board leadership paradigm created by Dr. John Carver. The Carver model separates issues of organizational purpose (ENDS) from all other organizational issues (MEANS), placing primary importance on those Ends.

The End of VGF is to connect people to Jesus and each other, to grow  in knowledge, love and faith in Christ, and to serve our Father, our family, and our world under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Council, on behalf of our Owner, God, is to govern the church toward our End, as received from the Elders.

*A copy of The Policy Governance Manual of VGF is available upon request.