Cornerstone Communities

At Cornerstone, we believe that true spiritual growth happens in the context of Christian community. These are communities where we encourage one another, we love one another, we pray with one another, and we basically just live life with one another. The Christian life is not one lived in isolation and we see this in the model of Jesus.

Life Groups

These are groups in which people do "life" together. Usually meeting in a home, a Life Group exists to plug into the Word, ask questions and get answers, and "be family" together. They offer lifetime connections where we love, push, pull, and sharpen each other in our life with Christ. 

Focus Groups

Focus Groups usually focus on a key theme. It may be a particular letter of the Bible or a topic that is studied using Scripture. We believe the Gospel has power to change lives and so we do not want to have studies that just offer information but allow the Word of God to change us. 

Community Groups Pastor: Andrew Dempsey

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Prayer Ministry

As a prayer ministry team, we desire to teach believers how to connect to the Father, Son, and Spirit through prayer. As believers, prayer is an essential aspect to our faith that enables us to thoughtfully and emotionally respond to God with reverence, gratitude, and desperation.

The prayer team is comprised of men and women who have experienced the power of prayer in their lives and the lives of others. So we aim to help believers develop a deeper understanding of the many facets of prayer through teachings, corporate and individual prayer. Additionally, we seek to connect them to the community of believers. This community includes life groups, focus groups and redemption groups which serve as a means to spiritual growth and support. Our ministry extends past the four walls of the church and into our community as we pray for the lost, sick, and dying.

Prayer Ministry Leader: Carrie Covey

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Need Prayer?

*Please note that these prayer requests go directly to the prayer team for group and individual prayer. For public requests to be sent out on the church email, please email to info@vgf.church. *


Cornerstone Outreach

Cornerstone Outreach provides opportunities to those in the body to serve in the local community and overseas through evangelism and social services. Our ministry has a strong benevolence aspect with out food pantry and defenders ministry meeting needs in the body and in the community.

We connect people to Cornerstone Church through benevolence and community outreaches. We also provide opportunities for people to serve in local nursing homes, jails, and the Salvation Army as well as various community outreaches. Cornerstone Outreach seeks to accomplish the great commission by making disciples of Christ through injecting the hope of the Gospel of Jesus in a practical way. 

Areas of Outreach

The Bread of Life

The Outreach building is open every Saturday to the community for breakfast (coffee, Panera Bread and treats), prayer, and fellowship while also going door to door (10am - 11:30am) serving bread and offering prayer.

Location: 130 W.Main St, Rear, Newark

Time: 9am - 12pm

Contact: Tim & Beth Grabo

E-mail: timgrabo@gmail.com

Phone: 740-975-6682


Benevolent service exemplifying Christ’s love and generosity to offer resources and financial advice to the church body and community. 

Contact: Alan Miller

E-mail: hediditin6@hotmail.com

Phone: 740-877-2804

Jail Ministry

Building relationships and making positive impacts for The Kingdom of GOD. We lead Bible studies with men in Licking County’s jail (7:30am -8:40am) and also write letters to incarcerated men and women.

Letter Writing Contact: Josh Yigitbasi

E-mail: Joshuayigitbasi@gmail.com

Phone: 614-390-5829

Men’s Visitation Contact: Mark

E-mail: chapelview@windstream.net

Phone: 740-973-5675


Church-like services on the 4th Sunday of the month (2pm - 3pm) along with weekly Bible studies on Tuesday (2pm - 3pm) for residents at the Flint Ridge facility. Additionally, we have church-like services on the 2nd Sunday of the month (2pm - 3pm) for residents at the Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation facility. 

Contact: Chris & Alicia

E-mail: cnighland@gmail.com

Phone: 614-266-8312

The Look Up Center

Serving community meals on the 4th Monday of each month. VGF also provides a donations collection site (a small shed-like building located on the North side of the parking lot) for the center which goes back into the community.

Community Meal Contact: Courtney

E-mail: courtneyj@windstream.net

Salvation Army

VGF is committed to the Salvation Army to serve lunches every Wednesday (11am - 1pm) and dinners every Thursday (5pm - 6:30pm). Additionally, VGF life groups commit to prepare/cook and serve dinner on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Lunch Contact: Michele

E-mail: michelehollingshead@gmail.com

Phone: 740-404-0148

Dinner Contact: Cheryl

E-mail: togetcece@yahoo.com

Phone: 740-877-5461


On the 1st Saturday of each month (8:30pm - 9:30pm) we go into the community and meet them right where they are located, such as the hospital ER or in front of the the jail anywhere with a bench. Through the leading of The Holy Spirit, we pray for a location and then go. We talk to people, shine the light of Jesus and offer prayer.

Contact: Beau Bromberg

E-mail: beaub@vgf.church

Phone: 740-405-8212


Outreach Leader: Beau Bromberg

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Join In

If you are interested in serving with us or would like to learn more about a particular ministry, then please fill out the form bellow and a ministry leader will get back to you shortly. 


Children's Ministry

The goal of Children's Ministry is to teach our kids how to connect with the Lord through intimacy and fellowship with Him. Young children are very open to the Lord and we are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to lead them to Jesus. This is the first and most important step in our mission with the kids. 

The next step for our kids would be to GROW in the Lord. We want them to truly know Jesus Christ and learn what it means to grow up to be strong men and women of God. We teach from the Bible and we use it consistently in the classrooms. We want our children to learn at an early age how to know their way around the Bible and be able to handle it with reverence and authority. Prayer is taken very seriously and modeled as an extremely important part of the Christian life. It is a normal thing to hear our children praying out loud in our classrooms. 

Lastly, we teach the children that SERVING others is very important and we help them to practice this by reaching out to their peers, giving of offering, helping with the younger children, etc. Modeling service to our children is the only way to help them know and understand the servant heart of Christ toward them in His sacrifice on the cross and humbling of Himself.  

Children's Ministry Programs


Nursery: 0-23 months - Our nursery is warm and inviting and we have caring workers that are excited to be there.

Toddler/Preschool: 2-5 years old - The toddler class is equipped with lots of things to allow them to burn up energy. They have a story, craft, snacks, prayer, and play time.

Early Childhood

Kindergarten through 1st grade - Early childhood is run like a summertime Bible School. The kids go to story time and worship and then have crafts, snacks, prayer time, Bible memory, and more.

2nd - 5th Grade

We take the 2nd - 5th grade from adventure to adventure. The curriculum is meaty in the Word of God and we use lots of activities, props, and crafts to get the message across. The worship is upbeat and the kids participate with excitement! When the weather permits the kids get to play outside with leaders that know how to have fun.

Special Needs

We have volunteers that are led to serve our Special Needs children on an "as needed” basis for Saturday or Sunday services.  If you have a special needs child, please feel free to contact us.


Grow5 connects 5th grades with others to show them they are not alone as a believer. We help them grow by challenging them to equip themselves with the armor of God so they can change their world, and realize they are called to serve others at school, home, and church. All 5th graders are welcome to attend. Grow5 meets on the 2nd Friday of the month from 7-9p at VGF

VGF Teen Leaders

On the weekends we have Teen Leaders that come back to work with our kids. Some of them lead in worship and take part in the lessons. We periodically have teen workshops to better train them in leadership. If you have a teen and they are interested please let us know.

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Join In

It takes about 100 Volunteers every six months to run the Children’s Ministry. When our volunteers get here on the weekend everything is ready for them- crafts, props, snacks, and anything else they may need.