Ministry Leader: Andrew Dempsey

At VGF, we believe that true spiritual growth happens in the context of Christian community. These are communities where we encourage one another, we love one another, we pray with one another, and we basically just live life with one another. The Christian life is not one lived in isolation and we see this in the model of Jesus.

Jesus didn’t go off on His own at all moments and not get involved in the lives of those around Him, but rather He chose to invest and engage with those who He loved. He invested in His disciples, he invested in His brothers and sisters, He invested in strangers and sick and paralyzed. He invested in those people in small group contexts. He didn’t invest in them in large groups because in small groups, that’s where true growth occurs. We encourage you to get involved in one of our community groups. These groups meet all over the county. Check out the listings below to find one near you.

These are groups in which people do "life" together. Usually meeting in a home, a Life Group exists to plug into the Word, ask questions and get answers, and "be family" together. They offer lifetime connections where we love, push, pull, and sharpen each other in our life with Christ. 

Focus Groups

Focus Groups usually focus on a key theme. It may be a particular letter of the Bible or a topic that is studied using Scripture. We believe the Gospel has power to change lives and so we do not want to have studies that just offer information but allow the Word of God to change us. 


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