What does "VGF" mean?

Our church previously went by the name "Vineyard Grace Fellowship," or "VGF" for short. In 2017 we prayerfully deciding to disassociate our church body from the Vineyard Church movement and are now in the process of prayerfully considering what new name we will go by. But for the time being, we are simply VGF Church.

What if I want to be married at VGF or have a VGF ceremony pastor?

We are excited to celebrate marriage in our community, and are honored that you would ask one of our pastoral staff to officiate!  As part of the planning and scheduling process, we ask that all engaged parties wishing to be married by one of our VGF pastors read and abide by the following parameters.  We know there may be some people who disagree or object to the following boundaries, and we respect your right to do so.  However, we ask that the same courtesy be extended to our church and our pastoral staff as we endeavor to honor God as best we know how.  

In order to be married by a VGF pastor, we ask:

*that all engaged couples complete six (6) pre-marital counseling sessions with one of our staff or leaders. Marriage is a serious endeavor, created by a God of covenant, a covenant established between one man and one woman. It is disheartening to know that almost ½ of all marriages end in divorce, so we require pre-marital counseling to try to get your marriage going on the right track.

*that engaged couples not be living together or engaging in pre-marital sexual relations. The book of Hebrews urges us to “keep the marriage bed pure”, a theme consistently expressed throughout the Bible of the sacredness of sexual intimacy. We will ask you to be celibate and living apart until your wedding.

*all VGF wedding inquiries for use of the building will be vetted Andrew Dempsey. He may be reached at andrewd@vgf.church.  Because of VGF service schedule, we only permit Saturday morning weddings - with the timing of: done by 1:00PM and cleaned up and out the door by 2:00PM.  And we hold a strict policy of no alcohol on the grounds of VGF and if using a DJ, please understand that as we honor God in our building for worship services, all music, though modern, cannot contain foul language or be overtly sexual in nature. Details may be discussed in person.

If you are interested in pursing premarital counseling, a ceremony pastor or general "wedding" questions, please contact Todd Garman at toddg@vgf.church

What if I want to be baptized at VGF?

We are excited for each individual who inquires about baptism at VGF. We are grateful for the grace of God that has issued the challenge of discipleship upon each heart and trust that in your walk with Christ this step of "public confession" will become the outward expression of an inward heart change and your identification as a follower of Jesus Christ. We require that each person attend a baptismal class taking place generally the week leading up to baptism. Details and website information (vgf.church/events) will host the dates and times for these celebrations.

What if I want my baby/child dedicated to the Lord?

At VGF we believe that each person, when old enough to decide to follow Christ through their own confession of faith, will have the opportunity to be baptized, therefore we do not offer baby baptism, We believe that baptism is an outward confession and that babies, though innocent, are not capable to make that heart confession to the Lord. With that being said, we do offer two times each year (March and September) for each family who wishes to make a public statement in dedicating their baby/child to Christ. There is no need to sign up, you and your family bring the children to the front of the church, on the designated weekend, stating that you will  raise them in the truth of God's Word and you (and the church of believers) will be examples of Christ.

What if I want to have a funeral at VGF?

For a funeral event at VGF - the coordination of the date is usually made with the local funeral director in charge of the family estate. The date/timing must coincide with the building events coordinator, Brenin Young (we do not cancel church events to host for funerals, but will try our best to figure out a day/time.) There is no charge to use the facility if the timing of the funeral event is available for the VGF facility. If VGF will be asked to host a luncheon, please contact Andrew Dempsey at andrewd@vgf.church for further details and options.