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Answers to Tough Questions

A teaching series entitled "Answers to tough questions about Christianity" will begin on Thursday April 9th, at 7:00 PM at VGF.  This six week series will address questions such as:

How do I know God exists? How do I know that the bible is the truth?  If the bible is the truth, why are there so many contradictions?  (i.e. - How could Moses have written Deuteronomy when it contains the account of his death?)  Aren't there other books that claim to be "The Word Of God"?  Don't all religions teach the same thing? What do Muslims believe?  Did God create evil?  If God is all powerful and all loving why doesn't He eliminate evil?  What about creationism versus evolution?  And many others...

These classes are for anyone who has had questions such as the ones above or who have struggled to answers these kinds of questions when having conversations with unbelievers.  There is a sign up sheet in the back for handouts.  If you have any questions please see Todd Humphreys or Matt Eberly or email us at or

Babysitting is provided.

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