Ministry Leader: Pastor Todd Garman

Counseling is a process by which people are connected to their true identity in Christ and his purposes and desires for their lives, even when they are experiencing hardship. The one-on-one nature of counseling provides a unique environment of vulnerability and openness that fosters real growth in areas most people don't normally navigate. As health and healing are produced in an individuals life, they are more fully poised to serve in their home, school, marriage and community in the ways God has called them.

Everyone experiences pain or difficulty in life, at different times and in different seasons. Often people mistakenly isolate, withdraw or avoid reaching out for help during these times. However, as followers of Christ, we know that the Lord encourages us to seek counsel when troubled, to lean on others when we are weak, to allow others to bear us up when we are hurting. In fact, it is when we are most broken that we are most open to hearing how the Lord would direct and re-direct our lives! The Counseling services at VGF exist to provide an environment for healing to occur in a Trained, Confidential and Professional manner. 

VGF offers counseling services for people in need. We have access to both Professional Counseling Services (fee-based with Ohio State Licensed counselors) and volunteer lay-counseling. Todd Garman, LPC-CR is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Ohio and has office hours at VGF during the week. Todd specializes in counseling adolescents, men and marriages in crisis. Additionally, he specializes in Restoration of sexual brokenness. This is a fee-based service as per his licensure, and Todd can provide Insurance forms for out-of-network reimbursement. In addition to Todd, the Counseling services offer appointments with non-licensed professionals who are working towards their Counseling Licensure for a reduced fee.

Redemption Groups

Jesus came to redeem, and buy us out of slavery to sin; we believe in the complete healing power of the Cross. These groups face and recognize particular hurts and issues, but believe in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to overcome the hurts and totally heal.



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We have access to both. Clinical Counseling is a fee-based service with a Christian Ohio Licensed LPC to assist with significant disruption in daily emotional, vocational or relational functioning, Mentoring is more casual connection with a mature believer in the church who can provide basic encouragement and fellowship.
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