The Role of the Spirit

As a part of the eternal Trinity, the Holy Spirit has been involved in the world from before it even began. The Old Testament is rife with stories and examples of the Holy Spirit at work.

Jesus our Rest

The rest that Christ gives us is the rest of the Gospel. His perfect life, undeserved death, and glorious resurrection secure for us an eternal rest that we could never achieve. Christ freely gives us rest from sin, death, and hell, which was impossible through the law, while rest through a neglect of the law proved unfruitful as well.

Introduction to Philippians

This weekend we begin our study through Paul's Letter to the Philippians. The Letter was a written to the church in the city of Philippi in eastern Macedonia. Founded in 358-357 B.C. by Philip the Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, Philippi was a well-placed city sitting in an area with rich natural resources and geographical value.