Don't Date the Church

We have seen some amazing growth in our church lately. Praise the Lord we will be transitioning into our new building where our congregation can now come together after being divided up into multiple services for so long. 

Taking Fear Out of Friendship

She sits across from me, perched on the edge of her seat. She makes limited eye contact as she begins to describe the circumstances which have brought her to this room. It’s obvious she doesn't feel very comfortable, but the hope for help and expectancy of change hold her here...

Gossip and the Gospel Can't Coexist

Our society is obsessed and inundated with gossip. We are fascinated by it. Magazine racks are filled to the brim with the latest gossip on our favorite movie and TV stars. We tune into the Bachelor to get all the hot details on who gets the rose.

The Gospel: The Foundation and the Fuel of Christian Community

Here we see, in the very first chapter of the Bible, God speaking into existence the human race. Yet, from this one declarative sentence, we are able to glean an incredible amount of information about the nature of both God and humanity.