Return to Your First Love

This excerpt was sent to us this week from an encouraging brother in Christ. I was so struck by this list that I asked if I could share it with you on Monday Thoughts. Though it might not be peppered with deep theology teachings, it is definitely food for thought. I wonder how many of us could walk down this list, turning each one into a question and give truthful answers and examples that might help us in our daily walk? I have put my questions down, maybe yours will look differently, but the lesson remains the same.

Ask the Lord if you have areas of life where you have left your first love? It may surprise even the veteran Christian.

Then, remember that we are continuing to pray for hearts filled with "recall" of the Lord's work in our lives so that when we all get together in the new building the Lord's presence will be so tangible that we can touch it.

We appreciate your prayers this our last few days with our second daughter at home and as we approach the wedding date, that the Lord's peace covers us all. 

Twelve evidences that I have left my "First Love" for the Lord. - Author Unknown

1. When my delight in the Lord is no longer as a great as my delight in someone else....Who is that someone?

2. When my soul does not long for times of rich fellowship in God's Word or in prayer.....What do I long for more, in place of those rich fellowship times?

3. When my thoughts during leisure moments do not reflect upon the Lord.....Where do my thoughts flow during leisure times?

4. When I claim to be "only human," and when I easily give in to these things which I know displeases the Lord....Why do I not seek the Lord with greater intensity during those times?

5. When I do not willingly and cheerfully give to God's work or to the needs of others....What other things do I spend my money on?

6. When I cease to treat every Christian as I would the Lord.....How do my feelings get involved with this process?

7. When I view the commands of Christ as restrictions to my happiness rather than expressions of His love....What do I consider "restrictions" to my happiness?

8. When I inwardly strive for the acclaim of this world rather than the approval of the Lord....What are my motives for doing the work of the Lord? Who am I trying to please?

9. When I fail to make Christ or His words known because I fear rejection.....How might I be a better witness, giving account for my faith in Christ, especially impromptu?

10. When I refuse to give up an activity which I know is offending the weaker brother.....When do I let go of myself and ask, for each activity....What does Jesus want?

11. When I become complacent to sinful conditions around me.....What are the sinful conditions around me, how can I pursue an heart open to the deceptions?

12. When I am unable to forgive another for offending me.....Who is that person(s)?